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Songs (1980), with Steve Dobrogosz Trio
Fairytales (1982), with Radka Toneff
The Child's Gift (1986), with Steve Dobrogosz Vocal Ensemble
Pianopieces (1994), solo, duets with Petur Östlund
Duckwalk (1996), Steve Dobrogosz Quartet
Mass (1997), with St. Jacob's Chamber Choir
Ebony Moon (1998), solo piano
Best of Dobrogosz and Andersson (1999), with Berit Andersson
Feathers (2000), with Jeanette Lindstrom
Requiem/Te Deum (2004), with St. Jacob's Chamber Choir
It's Always You (2006), with Anna Christoffersson
When Lilacs Last In The Dooryard Bloom'd (2006)
Rivertime (2008), with Anna Christoffersson
My Rose (2009), a Shakespeare oratorio
Stream (2009), solo piano
Poems (2007), with Annika Skoglund
Golden Slumbers (2009), Dobrogosz plays Beatles
Your Songs (2010 ), Steve Dobrogosz plays Elton John
Covers (2010), with Anna Christoffersson
World (2010), pianos
Celebratory Music (2010), Andrew Canning, pipe organ
Charts (2011), solo piano
Christmas Cantata (2012), Linköpings Akademiskakören
Candlelight (2013), solo piano
The Water of Life (2013), solo piano
Forest (2014), solo piano
Dreams (2014), solo piano
Free Country (2015), solo piano
Bara (2015), with Chikako Hino
Winter Coat (2016), demos with Sara Isaksson
The Wild Bird Flies (2016), piano trio
Stabat Mater (2016), with Hiroshima Chuo Choir

Silencer (2016), solo piano
The B3z (2016), The B3z
Anthology (2017), with Berit Andersson

Sha-La (2017), Steve Dobrogosz Vocal Ensemble
Forgotten Man (2017), rock/blues/country
The Earth Is Singing (2018) with SYC Ensemble Singers
Rocking Chair (2019), rock piano
Mood (2020)
The Gospel Chord (2021)
Yuletide (2022) - piano
Almost Live (2022)
, with Anna Christoffersson
Leaves in the Grass (2023)
Satin Latin (2023)

composer//pianist (1956 - Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, USA)

Steve Dobrogosz grew up in the American south (Raleigh, NC), trained as a classical pianist and interested in the popular music of the day. While studyiing at Berklee College of Music in Boston he met his Swedish wife and in 1978 moved to Stockholm, quickly becoming active in Sweden's jazz scene with the Steve Dobrogosz Trio and as sideman with popular Scandinavian jazz groups. In the mid 80s he focused on his main interest, songwriting, and began a series of successful vocal collaborations (see: the “Anthology” album with singer Berit Andersson), while also venturing into choral and orchestral composition.

Dobrogosz’s production (now over 1500 pieces) incorporates a wide spectrum of genres. His oeuvre now includes a 2-hour oratorio of Shakespeare sonnets, a symphony, a choral Requiem and several Masses, an oboe concerto and other Americana, gritty rock piano albums, a pop-jazz songbook, sultry background music, jigs, bluegrass fiddle, 300 jazz charts, music for Spanish guitar, a song cycle, and a book of childrens' rhymes.

His 1982 duo album with singer Radka Toneff "Fairy Tales” was voted all-time Best Norweigian Album in an artists poll. His “Mass” (1992) has been performed in 45 countries and is a staple in international choral repertoire. His 2006-2008 recordings with singer Anna Christoffersson recieved Swedish Grammy nominations and critical acclaim. The Gothenburg Post compared his music to Gershwin and Porter, writing "Dobrogosz's songs are melodic masterpieces, with a harmonic sophistication seldom found in music today.”

"Dobrogosz does not play complicated, but each tone is meaningful and the keyboard is a seamless extension of what must be spirit in conjunction with matter... Steve Dobrogosz plays in an alloy of genres without clichés in a way that is almost shockingly complete" - Lira Magazine