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Dobrogosz Score Shop
Steve Dobrogosz is published by Sand Castle Music Inc, Stockholm. Enter the Score Shop to browse or order:


82 rhymes for the very young and old

to be read or sung, as nursery rhymes and children's songs

a sampler:

UNBELIEVABLE THINGS is in the Score Shop at the Vocal page

The next few months will see a revamping of my albums at Spotify, Itunes Apple Music, etc.
Albums will be taken down but reappear in new packaging and, in most cases, remastered and with added tracks.
Next in line is a completely new version of the "Forest" album. Along with "Garden Music", the latest up are:

And I'm thrilled to announce that an explosive 100-minute "double album" of (mostly) live performances with
Anna Christoffersson, 2005 to 2017, will be released in September. More on that soon...

Thank you, Taipei!

It was 30 years ago today

Featuring choral works: demo recordings of three recent pieces for choir are now up at YouTube:

I SING THE BODY ELECTRIC (text: Walt Whitman)
RUBAIYAT (text: Omar Khayyam)
TIME (text: Shakespeare)

from Argentina:

THE GOSPEL CHORD - YouTube Playlist

The 16-piece song-cycle "VERSE" (Score Shop "Vocal" page) is completed.
I am exceptionally happy with it, and together with the other major works Rubaiyat and The Gospel Chord, 2021 turned out to be a most productive year.

- 17 Scottish-style dances
Songs for Tenor
(10 pieces arranged for tenor and piano)
Including A Summer's Day, Sun In My Eyes (from 6.40), Wisteria, and This Land (demo)
Chambers and Twilight Melodies for piano are now together in a single volume.

Recently completed: The Phoenix and Turtle (text: Shakespeare), The Asp Within (vocal/comp)
Underway: Unbelievable Things - Rhymes for the Very Young and Old

from album Mood (2020)

Valse de Solitude, for piano