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It's Always You (remaster 2024)

Blues Elixir

Disney Girls

Dance With Dryads


Steve Dobrogosz is not on social media

Dobrogosz Score Shop
Steve Dobrogosz is published by Sand Castle Music Inc, Stockholm. Enter the Score Shop to browse or order:


Underway: "The Exaltation of Inanna" for female voice, Indian percussion and chamber orchestra. Based on the 2300 BC poem by Enheduanna, high priestess of Sumaria

Latest releases:

now at YouTube: 2024 remasters of It's Always You (2006) and Rivertime (2008)

2024 album releases:

Records, Vol.1-5 - compilation albums 1980-2023
Dreams (2024 remix)
Blues Conspiracy
Relived (piano covers)
Silencer (2024 remix) - release to be announced
Candlelight Two (2024 remix) - release to be announced
Whirligig (electric piano solo) -
release to be announced

The last drop of 2023, for solo violin

THE PIANO SCORES - all notated piano pieces by Steve Dobrogosz collected in one volume, 360 pages.
Including Chambers, Twilight Melodies, Valse de Solitude, Travelogue, Spanish Steps, Rarities and much more.

The remastering and expansion of my released recordings is completed and available for streaming.
The sound quality in all cases is improved, and tracks have been added from long-lost projects like Duckwalk and Songs, along with
20 hours of recordings, from songwriting to orchestra demos, made public for the first time.
An entire new album with Anna Christoffersson has been created from the archives ("Almost Live").

I have no intention of retiring from any creative work. The last 5 years have been my most productive and new projects are being tackled.
However, I will increasingly be pulling back from touring and performing.

82 rhymes for the very young and old

to be read or sung as nursery rhymes and children's songs

Unbelievable Things sampler:

UNBELIEVABLE THINGS is in the Score Shop at the Vocal page

The 16-piece song-cycle "VERSE" (Score Shop "Vocal" page)
I am exceptionally happy with it, and together with the other big works Rubaiyat and The Gospel Chord, 2021 turned out to be a most productive year.


3 new pieces have been added to Choir Songs vol. 8: I Have No Name,
A Simple Ode to Joy, and Isle of Man

text: Dickinson, for choir acappella

- 17 Scottish-style dances

Songs for Tenor
(10 pieces arranged for tenor and piano)
Including A Summer's Day, Sun In My Eyes (from 6.40), Wisteria, and This Land (demo)