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Update: March

NEW ALBUM! ANTHOLOGY - Steve Dobrogosz & Berit Andersson (1983 -1993)

I am most happy to announce the release of Anthology, a collection of original songs recorded with vocalist Berit Andersson between 1984 and 1993. As the five albums Berit and I made have not previously been available digitally, a very large body of work is now presented to a new audience for the first time, decades having past since these 45 songs were written and recorded.

Anyone familiar with the original LPs (especially "The Final Touch" from 1987) will soon hear how much of the music has been dramitically remixed. I took this opportunity to edit and remaster, two good examples being - Oh Helen (from "Skin Balloon") and Salieri On The Throne (from "Jade").

Thank you, Berit. History.

On April 9, with the release of the "Sha-la" choir album from 1989, this season's project of restoring and re-releasing albums from the 80s and 90s will be complete. In addition to the Anthology collection with Berit Andersson, the albums Confessions, The Tender Arrow and Duckwalk are now restored and up at YouTube. Confessions and The Tender Arrow have undergone serious reformatting and sonic uplift, and are, I feel, vastly improved over the original versions.

In connection with the upcoming choir album release of "Sha-la", volume 4 of the Choir Songs series (pop/jazz) has been expanded and now includes 11 pieces.

Speaking of which, the B3z have released their 2nd single:

Along with the official album releases, I am increasingly testing releasing music directly to YouTube, such as Winter Coat, and Songs. More YouTube music links at the Recordings page.

recent pieces:
Forgotten Man - 10 rock/country/blues songs
Memoirs - piano recording
Melodías para guitarra española - 6 pieces for Spanish guitar
Self Portrait - recording
Veritas - choir a cappella
Singing Waters Waltz - piano/violin/bass
Number of the Beast, Great Again, Boondockers - The B3z
Skyline - piano/string orchestra
Will's Ballades - songs from Shakespeare lyrics
Ho Ho Ho (Sing Along With Santa) - choir/organ
Time - choir a cappella

Over 100,000 views for this Tokyo performance of Kyrie (from Mass) with the SINGS choir. Domo arigato.

Upcoming albums:
Sha-la - Steve Dobrogosz Vocal Ensemble (previously unreleased album from 1990)
Singing - solopiano versions of vocal and choir songs