Steve Dobrogosz / Anna Christoffersson Duo
"Magical, phenomenal"
- Kristianstadsbladet

"Sweden's hottest jazzduo"
- Dagbladet, Sundsvall

"The duo success that has the critics on their knees"
- Gefle Dagblad

Musical magic. There were two encores, but after a concert like this there could have been many more" - Uppsala Nya Tidning

"I've seldom experienced such a devoted audience that listened so intensely - the contact was total. ..the piano and voice push each other to great things. It is impossible to describe the feeling these two musicians create together" - Folkbladet


"Sweden's most beautiful voice"
- Göteborgs Tidning

“Incomparably beautiful and moving... a dynamic dreamteam... a sublime meteor shower of tones and words in complete symbiosis... the amazingly sensitive interaction between the two of them has deepened... perfectly realized songs that go straight to the heart. One of the best albums ever produced on Swedish soil"
- Svenska Dagbladet

"Every now and then one encounters a love song that makes one realize just how seldom songs actually express what love really is. On their second album, Rivertime, there are several such songs. Dobrogosz's piano is both trap door and guide rail in dialogue with Christoffersson's naked, flaming voice. Heartbreakingly romantic music… the best I've heard in a very, very long time"
- Dagens Nyheter

"Already after the first number it's clear that their dynamic communication is uniquely magical. The songs flow together in a mysterious, bottomless ocean, Anna's voice shifting from hot sensuality to powerful gospel crescendos, Steve's playing calling forth water drops and hurricanes"
- Gefle Dagblad

"I was prepared for the quality of his piano work but I wasn’t quite prepared for the voice of Anna. What an instrument. Smokey, earthy, rich and expressive and used with such intuitive ease that it makes listening a joy. The key quality of the album is how they combine and truly work as one voice. Without being soul music the album is very soulful, highlighted by the all too rare sense of oneness between piano and vocal"
- Audioenz, New Zealand

"Songs for seventh heaven, with a sensual energy only found on earth"
- Bayerischer Rundfunk, Germany