women's choir a cappella

Voix Celeste
conductor Hideki Yamaguchi

Kobe, July 2015

A Fairy’s Tale

Periwinkle, sugarplum, pistachio and pearl
Beneath a twinkleberry sky (a fairy’s tale)
Where you can kiss a toad and wake up as a little girl
And inside a blackbird, a pie (with a magic wand)
Ariel and Thumbalina in two almond eyes

A moon alights beside a mermaid
with a star upon her breast (where dryads fly away)
Persimmon pudding in the grail
All but a quest to find a whisper in a treasure chest
And inside a cockle shell, a whale (this enchanted pond)
Pray do tell, what could it be but a fairy’s tale?

Two Unicorns

Cinnamon pixie twirling about the pelican sky
Pink salamander walking a thoughtful butterfly
A bucket of lemongrass on a misty cardamom sea
Aquamarine the foxtail princess, licorice princes on their knee

Two unicorns, two unicorns
(A queen unseen, a boysenberry tangerine, a pocket of moonglow)
Hoof and horn in a bright cerulean blue
With peppercorn from yestermorn
(A green undine, illuminated jellybean, a pocket of moonglow)
Unicorns where the pretty pollywogs sleep
And only dreams come true, in a bright cerulean blue

Lavender junebug counting the oranges wandering by
Under a shoe the cinnamon pixie drinks his rye
An elegant winegum whirling upon a checkerboard square
Hats in a backward conversation
Candy cane waltzing on the air

Bubbles and Gumdrops

Bathing in snowberry honey and oil of rose
(lemon powder, the face on your nose, on hollyhock mountain)
Sprinkle and spice on your lip to the tip of your toes
(ginger cupcake, a saffrony sassafras fountain)

Showered and scented, the hazelnut day
Angels in the whirlwind blow it away
Drink from the buttercup, winking what no one can know
(only the elves know)
Bubbles, gumdrops, goose petal pie
Oh, all the wonders the world can see in your eye
(the wonder of worlds in your eye)


In onyx a story told
In opal a touch of gold

Ravishing is Titania, radiant Oberon
Dawn to evening, evening to dawn

In amber the dragonfly
In ether the tiger’s eye

The Ocean Bed Of Barsoom

Centaur and Pegasus rising, Leo aligning, minotaur and gnome
Wood elf, wild elf, leaping armadillo, imp on a pillow, griffin on a throne

Valhalla Elysium Avalon and sunken Mu
Olympus and Neverland on the ocean bed of Barsoom

White knight, vermillion dragon, an iron maiden, satyr and a faun
Moon elf, star elf, sprite upon a Pan flute, a leatherback lute, multicolor swan

Heyah wohitika yata owanka wakan yata wakina
Heyah heyah iyotake yata owanka wakan yata wakina
Heyah heyah iyotake wohitika wakina
Wakina wohitika wakina owanka wakan


Sandman sleep, we can ride your field together
Soft and deep, flaxen ponytails of heather
Ride, ride where pixies rhyme inside a planted pot
Floating sheep there to greet us with an apricot

Look, our grand galaxy inside a pumpkin
Look, our reality now only an assumption

And when the phoenix standing guard unveils his feathered sword
And for a paper nightingale the zephyrs play a long lost chord

Wisteria and no more waiting
As if the sky were ever blue
Chimeras are chimeras, too
Wisteria and juniper and honeydew

So sandman sleep, the mysteria is blooming
Time to reap, now the world no longer looming
Fly, fly where fairies glide aboard each train of thought
Fly for keeps, as we leave the earthly parking lot

So sandman sleep, sleep

- Dobrogosz

© 2015 Sand Castle Music Inc